And if it so be that ye should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!
Doctrine & Covenants 18:15

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Missionary Work in Hong Kong . . .

May 28, 2009, Thursday

Hey, so everything is great. Okay so about my apartment. It is awesome. There are 3 girls and me in there, 2 companionships basically. So the area of my mission is called Kwai Fong. We cover 2 wards here, Kwai Fong and Cheung Sha Wan. They are like 20 minutes away from each other. So I have met some awesome missionaries here. They are amazing people and are so dedicated to helping the people of Hong Kong. Along with teaching people in Cantonese, we get to do an English class. It is awesome. I LOVE English class, since I don't speak the language very well. We also have FHE on Mondays. That is fun, we do that in Cantonese. We have a 10-20 minute lesson and than a game and then junk food. Well, not all of it is junk food. We get some fruit too. But we usually have something chocolate. Oh by the way, this last Sunday we went to the home of the Bishop of the Kwai Fong ward and he served us food. Way good food. Plenty of rice for everyone. We also got to take some amazing photos from his apartment windows. He kind of lives up on a mountain. He is kinda rich. He lives in a nice apartment. When I say nice I mean the size of the apartment we had in College Terrace in Utah. Here everyone lives in an apartment. There are just apartments after apartments. It's crazy. Anyway, if you are rich you can get a better apartment than someone else. The people here don't have amazing houses, so when they see my house they always say "hou leng" which means really pretty, then they tell me it is big. I guess compared to the people here, my house is big. I'm learning to appreciate the things here, because they don't have much. We have so much. We have the gospel of Jesus Christ and we have money and food and a good roof over our heads. Some people here don't have all these things. I'm sorry for them. I can't offer the people here much, but I can give them the greatest I have to offer. I have the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know it can do amazing things for these people. Ok, so about my investigators. We have like 10 or something. We have 2 baptismal dates set for 2 people. It is amazing. We really have not had to go contacting (finding). I love all the investigators. If you would like you can pray for Connie and A King. Both these people are amazing. I'm so excited for them. We also have Candy and she is awesome too. If you would like to pray for these 3 people that would be sooo awesome. Thank you so much. :) Anyway, I am doing well. The food here is fattening and I am gaining weight. So within the past month I will be going out on another P-day and getting some new clothes that fit me. Anyway, the pineapple bread is what is making me fat. It doesn't have pineapple in it, it's just called that. So ya, other than that things are good. Talk to you later. Love you lots and lots, miss you

P.S. share the letter with the Elders. I'm sure they would love to know about Hong Kong. Tell the new Greeny I say "hi". Also if there is anything they want to know about Hong Kong they can ask me. I'll answer all questions.

Another Day in Hong Kong . . .

May 21, 2009, Thursday

So this week is interesting. Just ask Dad. He got the e-mail with the low down. I told Sister Mander you said hi. She says hi back. So the weather here is about 25-30 degrees C and it's 85-90% humidity. Crazy huh? We have air conditioning so it's not soooo bad. So how is the perfume coming along. That's very interesting. If I were to wear perfume here the bugs would bite me more often, I guess. Ya, we have had several discussions and they are fun, also a little difficult because I don't speak the language very well. I keep getting to introduce my family, my house and some of my friends. It's fun. I can at least do that. So at church on Sunday, some people were fighting over where I should sit. Each person wanted me to sit with them. I finally sat down and called it good. For now when I teach a lesson I use my Cantonese as much as possible even if I can't say much. It still helps to add a testimony and double testify. Ya the food is good here. We eat a lot at home so I get to pick what I want to eat. Anyway, I got the brown envelope you sent me. I loved it. Thank you. ;) I will e-mail Jonathan and tell him to check his e-mail.

Love Rachel

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a Wonderful Day in Hong Kong . . .

Message sent May 14th, 2009 @ 7:31 am Hong Kong Time, which is May 13th, Wednesday 7:31 pm Montreal time

Just thought I should let you all know I am in Hong Kong now and I love it. The people are amazing and the weather is
soooooo hot out here. I got here safely and everything is awesome. My mission president, President Van Dam and his wife are so amazing and so king. I love them soooo much. I am sad they are going home in July. This is there home and they love Hong Kong. Anyway, today is P-day and it's great. I met so many missionaries last night when I arrived. It's so wonderful. I have a teaching appointment tonight with a woman. I'm sure this will be fun. I am getting used to the fattening food. I just ate some pineapple bread, and though it has no pineapple in it, it tastes great. Some lady on the MTR (subway) ignored us and started to talk on her cell phone. I guess she doesn't like missionaries. I went to sleep yesterday at 7:30 pm and woke up at 6:30 the next morning. I will never be able to sleep like this again, that's for sure. So, I got my first companion yesterday and she is awesome. She is from Melbourne, Australia. Her name is Sister Mander. She is really sweet and kind. She is always willing to help me. It's great. Anyway the city is really neat and I love it here. Hope you have a great day.
See you later.

Love you lots and lots,
Sam ji Muih (AKA Little Missionary

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Leaving for Hong Kong in a few days . . .

Thanks for the e-mail. I don't have much time to write but I will try and tell you something quick. So we get on the shuttle at 5:30 pm and we get to the airport at about 6:30 pm. Then we get into the airport and we may have some time to call. If I don't have time I will try and call when we get to California. We are going to Sacramento. So when we get there I will try and caLL you from California. We will see how much time we have. I don't know. I will call somehow. Even if it is for 30 minutes. I may even be allowed to call you in Taiwan. I don't know what the time difference is from Taiwan to Montreal. Please find out for me. So if the time difference is okay I will try and call you. Someone find out Dad, Mom, whoever. Oh by the way, can you arrange it so that I can call Jonathan. Let the people at Jonathan's school know he is getting a very important phone call from his sister. If you could do that, it would be awesome. He also needs to know I will be calling him on Monday. Let him know, please.

And by the way I sprained my hand yesterday in gym. I was playing soccer baseball and the ball came flying at me and hit my hand. SO I'm in a bit of pain depending on what I do. It's ok now. It hurts when I don't move it. Anyway, I will e-mail more stuff later. Oh and I also got the thing of brownies you sent me. I did share them with lots of people. 2 other districts plus my own got brownies. Don't worry I got a piece too. A big piece I might add. I also got the package with the tape and the chocolate in it. Just an added note, in the future please don't send me chocolate. A. it makes me sick and B. it gives me cavities. I had to go to the dentist this week to check out my teeth. I thought I had cavities. I didn't, thank heavens, but my whitening toothpaste is giving me sensitive teeth. SO I need to get a good toothpaste without whitener in it. So if you could send me a good toothpaste to HK, I would really appreciate that. Thanks. I will try and send more later. No promises. Anyway, I will try and write you all later, have a great day.

Oh and by the way I need one more favor. When I call on Monday please have paper and pencil with you and your computer on. Open up to my hotmail. I need to e-mail some people, whose e-mails I do not have. Please do that for me thanks, love you LOTS!