And if it so be that ye should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!
Doctrine & Covenants 18:15

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So many things have happened . . .

April 22, 2009

Hey, how is it going? So many things have happened since I last e-mailed you. Yes, I got all the things in the dearelder box such as the stress ball and the Martinelli's and cinnamon bun or roll (whichever it is). I got everything including the CANDY! Everything is great. I also got the Easter card you sent me with the bunny in it and the Bee card. Everything is super pretty. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. So next week sometime, my district and I will be getting our flight plans. We leave in 2 and a half weeks. Feels like I have been here for ages, only it has been 9 weeks. So today is P-day and we're going to the Temple later. Should be fun. Sometimes I accidently fall asleep. I don't know why I get so tired in the Temple. :(. Anyway about your dearelder you sent me, about the Lorna Vanderhaegue stuff. I actually would like you to send me Omega Veg, but sent it to Hong Kong. I can't carry everything to Hong Kong. I only have so much room you know. So if there is anything you want to send me send it to HK instead. It will take a while for it to get there anyway. I am also going to the clothing store here at the MTC and getting another skirt. My skirts and shirts and things are getting ruined. I ripped a shirt the other day trying to take it off. So I will get a new shirt sometime, probably when I get to HK. This black one we bought mom, that looks like a turtleneck with short sleeves, got ripped. Man, why does this happen to me? :'( ICK! Anyway other than that everything is good. Oh by the way, I went to the health center the other day. I have been having these weird head problems. I get this occasional pulse that runs through the left side of my head and down into my jaw. I went to the doctor and he said it was a tick. I don't know. He said it was from stress and nerves and other things like that. I don't know if I buy that answer. Hey mom, go to Ki and ask someone there. I think there is something not right with me. It's weird. Anyway everything else is great. I'm eating and am now up to 107 point something. I may weigh more than 108, which is the most I ever weighed. Anyway, remember I will only be at the MTC for another 2 and a half weeks, so if you send me a dearelder send it soon, before May 11, 2009, cause after that I can't get them in HK, they don't send them over there. Oh and by the way, HK gets regular mail over there, there is no special requirements or anything like that, at least as far as I know. Anyway have an awesome day. By the way if you could get me Jonathan's e-mail I would really like that. I'm sending him some stuff. I always try and send him a talk about something. This weeks theme for him is school. So I am sending him something to do with school.

Anyway, have an awesome day, love you lots <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ---(these are hearts)

PS don't forget I will be calling you in the airport on May 11, 2009 after 5:30 before 9:30 pm. <3

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life Couldn't be Better. . .

April 15th, 2009, Wednesday

Good Afternoon,

Alright so in answer to the questions you asked. First of all I have had several companions. I started out with Sister Lemmon and Sister Peck, who are going to different missions. Sister Peck is in Hong Kong and Sister Lemmon is gone to the Philippines. She is in Tacloban. I got along with both of these girls. Then I got Sister Webb and Sister Miller as my companions. They are awesome people and we got along super well, in fact so well she even dragged me out of bed when I didn't want to get up in the mornings. LOL! Now I have Sister McLaughlin, and she is awesome too. We get along really well.

Second question, the Cantonese language is coming along well. I am learning so much and yet I find at times it can be difficult. I always remember why I am doing this and then I'm ok. So the people who teach us everything we need to know here are sisters for me. Yup, female teachers. It's cool. One teacher went on her mission to Hong Kong and the other went to California. The one who went to California is originally from Hong Kong. Her name is Sister Burby. The one who went to Hong Kong is Sister Slad. Sister Burby is eight months pregnant and her husband is trying to get into law school. Both my teachers are awesome people and they believe in me and that I will have a great mission. I love both my teachers and they love me. They are so nice. Actually one of the other teachers who teaches Cebwano, in the classroom two doors down from me, comes over and helps me organize my binder that keeps all my notes and things. He is amazing too. He has helped me so much.

Third question, YES, I found and read the letter that was in my suitcase. I loved it. Thank you for your testimony, it helped me a lot. I truly appreciate it. I got the Easter card and the box with the food in it. The half-way present was awesome. I get everything you send me. The box from dearelder had a lot of stuff in it, mostly candy, but I also got some martinelli's in there too. I love sparkling cider, it's so tasty. Anyway, I am sending you my notes from the devotional we had yesterday. They will be in a letter with some other stuff. These notes were taken from the devotional by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. I have to admit he is an awesome speaker. I hope I can one day speak with as much conviction and love as he does. He is powerful. If you saw his General Conference talk then you know what I am talking about. Anyway, I am sending some pictures in that package, as well as something for the Florians. I hope they like it. Oh by the way please get cousin Janet's e-mail, I accidently lost it. Get me her address too, I would appreciate it. Anyway, have a great day, love you lots.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New missionaries, temple, gaining weight & food, etc. . . .

April 8, 2009, Wednesday 9:23 am

Hi Daddy and Mommy,

Everything is going great? How is home and work? I have had a good week, not much to write about though. We get new missionaries today. They are going to Hong Kong too, and will be in our branch as well. Very exciting. We also get to go to the temple every Wednesday. So I'm going again today. Also new to go to the bookstore and get a few things. I also need to go to the clothing store and get a new skirt. One of my skirts does not fit me anymore. Ya, I've gained weight. I am now 106. If I gain 2.1 more pounds I will weigh more than I ever did. I hope I break the record. Anyway the food here is not bad. When you and Mom come on your mission you will like it here. They usually have 3 lines with different things to eat, at both. They have fruit all the time, and boy are the strawberries good. I say that from personal experience that the strawberries are GOOD! :) Anyway, they also have a wrap bar where you can get fajita type stuff. You can put just about anything in the wrap. You name it, they probably have it. Chicken, raisins, carrots, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes. They are way good, so I hear. Never actually had a wrap here. They also have soup and salad, which is also good, but I wouldn't know. A lot of the time things can be greasy and then the food is not good. Oh, they also have cereal. They have the sugary stuff as well as mini wheats and other stuff. They have grapefruit too, so don't worry. You can still eat here what you eat at home. Promise. So yesterday we had service, just as we always do on Tuesdays. This time I got to clean the seniors residence. Ok, seriously, it's like a mini hotel. The senior couples get a bed, a phone, a sink, a bathroom, and a medicine cabinet all in their one room. Neat hugh? They treat you like royalty. Anway, got to go get breakfast, I'm hungry. I'll write more later.

Love Rachel
P.S. I try and eat healthy here, but sometimes I let the sugar slip by.

9:53 am

Ok, so did you prepare questions for conference? They tell us at the MTC to have questions we want to ask so when we go to Conference they will be answered. If you didn't prepare some then think about it for next time. It will help you out so much. Anyway, they talked about a house and how to clean it. I was sitting there listening and then the thought came into my head, did my mother ask how to clean her house better? LOL. By the way I get EVERY dearelder you send me and I love them all. Can't remember all the questions you wanted to know, but ask more and I can respond back this time. Sorry about that. We are so busy here. So tell me more about home in the next dearelder. By the way the dearelder website has a way to buy and send cookies. LOVE cookies. Oh and one last thing, good news. I can call you when I get to the airport to go to Hong Kong in 5 weeks, so don't worry. It's okay to phone you the MTC said we could do that. It's alright, not breaking any rules. Send me Jonathan's phone number at school so I can call him. Hope you have a great day.

Love Rachel

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Never a dull moment at the MTC! . . .

April 1, 2009, Wednesday

Alright, so I don't know what to tell you this week. I mean so many things have happened. Sister Peck, my companion, left for Hong Kong on Monday. Sad day, I thought I was going to cry but I didn't. I admit I do miss her to some degree. Now it's just me and the Elders. Next Wednesday we will get a new set of 5 Elders in the other Cantonese district. We will also get one other Elder in the Cebwano district. This Elder is going to the Philippines. Apparently he is Tongan or something. Polynesians and Tongans are awesome and nice people. Anyway, how are things at home? I thought Jonathan was going to go to UVU. I mean, why SUU? Nothing wrong with the school, just curious as to why he picked what he did. You know? Anyway, so I realized that the burgers here are making me sick. They make me feel slow and tired all the time. I kinda stopped eating this food. I now eat a lot of chicken. Oh by the way, funny story. So the other day we were in our classroom praying, me and the Elders. So Elder Loong is praying (things always happen when he prays) and some huge Elder walks by and lets it rip. Not a silent but deadly, but a loud RIIIIPPPP! So as we were praying we were laughing so hard. We stopped the prayer and then laughed for another 30 seconds then continued on. Another funny story. So yesterday, the Elders and I were at the devotional. We have devotionals from General Authorities every Tuesday and also on Sunday. The Sunday devotionals are not from General Authorities, they are from people who work at the MTC. Anyway, I'm sitting with the Elders when all of a sudden the worst thing happened. Someone lets it rip. This time this person does a silent but deadly fart. Man, I thought I was the only one who could smell this since I am closer to the ground. Well I turn to one of the Elders who is 6 foot 3 inches in height and he says he smells it too. I tell him it's not me. He says ok. Eventually, the person in front of us farts again. We figure it is someone who is sitting in the row in front of us. So after about the 4th or 5th fart the Elder sitting next to me says "Geez, stop letting it rip." Man I think it embarrassed the person who was farting. Anyway, just some funny stories you might want to share with Jonathan. Hope you have a great day. Tell Jonathan to look in the mailbox at school, I left him some mail. Hope he gets it or has already gotten it. Tell Dad I say hi and thanks for the dearelder. It was super sweet of him.

Love you lots,