And if it so be that ye should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!
Doctrine & Covenants 18:15

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Having a hard time . . .

December 3, 2009

Anyway, life is great. We have ZERO people progressing to baptism. Yup, ZERO! Actually I don't care. I stopped caring a few days ago. I'm sick and tired of telling people to do the 3 basics (read scriptures, pray and come to church). We call them the basic 3. No one does them. Actually, that's not true. They do 2 out of the 3, they just never come to church. I'm sick and tired of telling people to do something they don't want to do. I want to commit them to do something they will ACTUALLY do. Seriously I've had it. My companion says to commit them to read and pray and come to church every time. I couldn't CARE LESS! You know why? Because why am I going to commit them to do something they WON'T DO! I want to commit them to things they will do. Is that seriously too hard to ask. NOPE! So I just don't commit them to read and pray and come to church. I commit them to do other things, like read the pamphlet we gave them or, I don't know, something along those lines. Anyway, I'm sick and tired of it. I was sick last week too. Physically sick. Sister Chan asked me if I went to the doctor. I said "no". Then she told me to go see one. So I went this Monday. He's a new doctor in the mission. He is really good. He told me to take cough medicine. So I found the Chinese one we have at home. It's in the red bottle. You know the one I am talking about? It's the gross nasty tasting one? Remember? Anyway, i found it here and am taking it. So gross but it helps. Anyway, he also told me to snort salt water. Ya, you heard me right, salt water. CRAZY! However, let me testify that it works. I was feeling really sick on Monday and by Tuesday/Wednesday I was fine. The salt basically helps reduce all the inflamed part of the throat and nose and such. It also helps with post-nasal drip. Yes, again you heard that right. POST-NASAL DRIP. Ya try it. Put a teaspoon of salt in some luke warm water. Mix it together and then snort it up each nostril 3-4 times. I guarantee it will help. You have to do the snorting 4 times a day for 3 days or so. I really helps though, I promise. Anyway, I feel much better now. I just felt horrible the last few days. I'm great now. Anyway, I may move or get a new companion or just stay with the companion I have. I don't really know what will happen. They may even close our area, and we may both be moving, I don't know. We are losing sisters really fast. They are all leaving the mission b/c their mission time is over. Once I start the next move I will have only 5 moves left. Crazy huh? Which means when I get down to 4 moves I will have only 6 months left. I know, time flies. Anyway, not much else to say. Tell Jonathan I say hi. Tell him to check his e-mail. I like sending him e-mails and letters and stuff. So Christmas is coming up soon. That's great. I still have the box you told me not to open. It's in my desk UNOPENED! I'm tempted to open it sooner than later. I don't know, we will see how long I can wait. Other than that, things are very good. Can't complain. By the way, remember Erin King, she got married. Yes, you heard that right too. She got married. Yup, this is a Merkley now. She wrote me a letter and told me that I needed to meet him. So when I get back I will. I also have to see Amanda Mitchell. She served a mission in Montreal, remember? Ya, so that is about it. Nothing special happening over here. See you later,


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